Equipment Bill of Material

Equipment Bill of Material

Definition: Equipment Bill of material in SAP PM Module is a part of Master Data in SAP PM Module. It is used to capture the information about the spare parts of a particular technical object (Equipment). This information is used during maintenance processing which helps the maintenance planner to search the relevant spare part to replace. Planner is not required to search the spare part into complete material master in maintenance order.

As a consultant it is always recommended to create Equipment Bill of material.

How to create an Equipment Bill of Material in SAP PM:

Step 1: Run t Code IB01 or else follow this path on the SAP easy access screen:

SAP Menu -> Logistics -> Plant Maintenance -> Management of Technical Objects -> Bill of Material -> Equipment BOM -> IB01 – Create

Step 2: Create Equipment BOM initial screen will appear. Here you must enter the equipment with reference to which you want to create the bill of material.

Step 3: Select the plant to which equipment belongs to or where equipment is physically installed.

Step 4: Select the BOM usage 4 – Plant Maintenance. Here you will get total 8 entries because bill of material is used in other modules also .Like Production Planning, Material Management, Sales Distribution. You will be able to use this Equipment BOM in maintenance processing only if you select BOM usage as 4.

Step 5: Press enter to continue. Now the general item overview screen will appear.

Step 6: Here you can assign all the spare parts of the equipment with quantity.

Step 7: In the material tab. Select the desired material and enter the quantity.

Step 8: Select the item category very carefully. There are two item categories are applicable here. L and N. L means Stock item, which in turn means that material is always available in warehouse for use. In the maintenance order a reservation will be created for this material.

However, N means that material non stock material, which means that a purchase requisition will be triggered from the maintenance order if this material required for maintenance.

Step 9: Afterwards click on SAVE button. Once it is saved. It is ready for use in maintenance order.

Application: It is frequently asked in the interview question that what is the use of Equipment Bill of material. Here is the answer: Whenever you create any maintenance order with reference to this equipment, then in the component tab, every maintenance planner wants to have the list of spare parts related to that particular equipment for which maintenance order is created, not the entire material master, where you have thousands of materials.

Here business user should go to the top menu bar click on the Extras -> Reference Objects -> Structure List. This will open the same material list which you have created in IB01 t code. Other than menu bar you may also click on a LIST button with a flower on it. This will do the same.

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