SAP PM Interview Questions and Answers

Topicwise SAP PM interview questions Here is the list of Topicwise SAP PM interview questions and answers. This will help you to crack interviews in multi national companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, IBM etc. These questions are divided into 10 sections. These sections are: Organization Structure in SAP PM What is Maintenance … Read more

10 Master Data in SAP MM | Consulting Tips

Master Data in SAP MM Master data in SAP MM is the building block of all the logistics business processes. It not only affects MM processes but also PM, QM, SD, FICO, PS and EHS module business processes. There are ten key master data in SAP MM. SAP MM master data list Master data are … Read more

19 Pivotal Master Data in SAP PM | 17 Consulting Tips |

Introduction Master data in SAP PM is the highest in count than any other module. Master data makes the life of an end user easy. Certainly it can full fill all maintenance business processes needs. Significantly there are nineteen master data objects in PM module. Each has its own benefit and importance. You can click … Read more

SAP S4 HANA Interview Questions

SAP S4 HANA interview questions and answers What is meaning of S4 HANA? Ans. In SAP S4 HANA there is a meaning of S4 HANA. Here you go: HANA stands for High performance ANalytical Appliance. It is a database which stores data in its memory instead of main disk. What are key features of S4 … Read more

Concept of catalog profile in SAP PM

Concept of Catalog Profile in SAP PM I am writing this blog to explain the concept of Catalog Profile in SAP PM. I faced questions on Catalog profile many times in interviews. This concept is simple and every SAP PM Consultant must know it. Definition: A combination of code groups from several catalogs (ex: Cause, Damage, … Read more

Catalog in SAP PM

Catalog in SAP PM Catalog is master data in sap pm module. It is used in various business process to capture information related to maintenance history in the form of codes. We can store catalog codes and descriptions in a Catalog. While entering the maintenance history we can use these catalog codes in maintenance notification … Read more

300+ Movement types in SAP MM

Movement types in SAP MM Movement types in SAP MM and movement type table in SAP are most important feature to understand in inventory management. It involves SAP MM, SD, PP, PM and QM. It also has impact on FICO for accounts update. Let us understand the concept and details of features step by step. … Read more

SAP MM Interview questions and answers

SAP MM Interview questions and answers After working 17+ years in SAP, providing training to more than 400 students I am writing this post to share critical and tricky SAP MM interview questions and answers. I am sure that this will help you not only to crack interview questions but also to face your client … Read more

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