19 Pivotal Master Data in SAP PM | 17 Consulting Tips |


Master data in SAP PM is the highest in count than any other module. Master data makes the life of an end user easy. Certainly it can full fill all maintenance business processes needs. Significantly there are nineteen master data objects in PM module. Each has its own benefit and importance. You can click on each of them to know the details.

SAP PM Master Data list

  1. Equipment
  2. Functional Location
  3. Class
  4. Characteristics
  5. Characteristic values
  6. Maintenance Plan
    • Single Cycle Plan
    • Strategy Plan
    • Multiple Counter Plan
  7. Task List
  8. Catalog
  9. Bill of material
  10. Main Work Center
  11. Main work center hierarchy (Used rarely)
  12. Measuring Points
  13. Counters
  14. Permits
  15. Material master (Material type ERSA and NLAG)
  16. Serial number
  17. Master Inspection characteristics (MIC)
  18. Maintenance Strategy
  19. Cycle sets

Consulting Tips (Things to remember)

During design phase you must remember following points:

Dependency of master data on each other must be explained to client.

  1. Bill of material cannot be created without material master.
  2. Measuring points and counter has dependency on equipment, functional location and characteristics.
  3. Serial number has dependency on material master and equipment.
  4. Equipment and functional location has dependency on Main work center
  5. Always explain the difference between equipment and functional location to business.
  6. Compare the use of equipment and functional location from business point of view.
  7. Clarify the importance of number range of equipment (external and internal).
  8. Give demo of measuring points and counter. Tell business about the warning and error message when a reading goes beyond permissible limit.
  9. Use of construction type in maintenance order processing is equally important.
  10. Another key point is demo of permits and its control on maintenance order processing.
  11. Explain how class and characteristics can show the specifications of machinery.
  12. Catalog code and catalog profile in sap pm can do wonders in notification processing. Therefore, give a notification processing demo and related reports.
  13. Material master needs coordination with MM and FICO modules. Target to finish it at early stage.
  14. Maintenance plan category can control triggering of maintenance call object. This must be explain and finalized in design phase.
  15. Task list needs a well structure program to upload. There is a possibility that business wants to upload long text also. So it is better to identify such thing early. Plan tasks for ABAP programmer in advance.
  16. Not to mention that serial number is mainly used in refurbishment process.
  17. Master inspection characteristics are assigned to task list operations and used in Calibration process

SAP PM Master Data dependency

S. No.Master Data in SAP PMDependency on other Master Data
1CatalogNo dependency, It can be moved with TR movement
2PermitNo dependency, It is assigned to equipment of functional location
3CharacteristicsUnit of measurement (if the UoM is not available in standard SAP)
5Maintenance StrategyNo dependency
6Cycle SetNo dependency
7Work Center HierarchyNo dependency
8Main Work CenterCost Center, Activity type, Production Supply area, Employee master (HR), Work Center Hierarchy
9Material MasterCost center, Profit center, UoM,
10Material BoMMaterial Master
11Functional LocationMain work center, Cost center, class, characteristics, asset master, MBoM can be used as construction type, permits can be assigned to FLoc
12EquipmentFunctional Location, Main work center, Cost center, class, characteristics, asset master, MBoM can be used as construction type, permits can be assigned to Equipment
13Measuring PointEquipment, Functional Location
14CounterEquipment, Functional Location
15Serial NumberMaterial Master, Equipment,
16Functional Location BoMFunctional Location, material master
17Equipment BoMEquipment, material master
18General Task ListMain work center, Maintenance strategy, material master, activity type
19Equipment Task ListEquipment, Main work center, Maintenance strategy, material master, activity type
20Functional Location Task ListFunctional Location, Main Work Center, Maintenance Strategy, material master, activity type
21Single Cycle PlanTask List, Equipment, Functional Location, Counter
22Strategy Maintenance PlanTask List, Equipment, Functional Location, Counter, Maintenance Strategy
23Multiple Counter PlanTask List, Equipment, Functional Location, Counter, Cycle set
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