SAP S4 HANA Interview Questions

SAP S4 HANA interview questions and answers What is meaning of S4 HANA? Ans. In SAP S4 HANA there is a meaning of S4 HANA. Here you go: HANA stands for High performance ANalytical Appliance. It is a database which stores data in its memory instead of main disk. What are key features of S4 … Read more

How to find User exit for a t code in 5 easy steps

How to find User exit for a t-code in 5 easy steps Whether you work in an implementation or support project, you must carry knowledge about user exits. User exits allow us to add our own functionality to an SAP standard program without modifying it. We can do enhancements in SAP standard transactions by using … Read more

20+ Shortcut keys in SAP must be shared with end users

Introduction Before writing this article (Shortcut keys in SAP), I thought that most of the consultants already know the shortcut keys in SAP, then what is the point of writing such article. However, not all core team members and end users are aware of this information. Therefore, you can share this information with them. I have observed that … Read more

RICEFW in SAP- A Comprehensive Guide with real world examples

Introduction In the world of SAP (Systems, Applications, Products), SAP’s RICEFW objects play a key role in improving standard SAP functionality, features and meeting specific business needs. RICEFW stands for: These RICEFW objects in SAP serve as building blocks for customization and development in standard SAP. This blog post provides different aspects of RICEFW objects, … Read more

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