SAP S4 HANA Public Cloud – Top 50+ points

SAP S4HANA Public Cloud features

SAP S4 HANA Public cloud is a cloud offering from SAP which works on pay as per usage (or subscription basis). An SAP consultant must have some basic idea about the features, limitations and benefits of SAP S4 HANA Public cloud otherwise consultant will get a jerk while working on a Public cloud project. In … Read more

Top 100+ SAP PM Interview Questions and Answers

SAP PM interview questions and answers

SAP PM is a niche module among all other SAP modules. For a bright career in SAP PM module you need deep understanding of maintenance processes, reports, KPIs, maintenance history and costing. To know the maintenance processes there is no book available in market therefore it is difficult to build knowledge in maintenance processes. In … Read more

What is master data in SAP MM | Consulting Tips

Master data in SAP MM is the building block of all the logistics processes. It not only affects MM processes but also PM, QM, SD, FICO, PS and EHS module business processes. There are ten key master data in SAP MM. Please go through the list of master data in SAP MM and enhance your … Read more

Top features of Measuring Point in SAP PM

Measuring point in SAP PM

Measuring point in SAP PM is an important master data where critical conditions are described about a technical object and its parameters. Here are the top important features of measuring points in SAP PM module. This post will give you deep knowledge with real industry examples, configuration and fiori app knowledge about measuring points. Please … Read more

7 Concepts about SM37 tcode in SAP, nobody will teach you

SM37 tcode in SAP

What is SM37 tcode in SAP? SM37 tcode in SAP is a very significant application in SAP. It helps in background job monitoring, analysis and solving issues. These concepts related to SM37 tcode in SAP can be learn only while working on project and handling issues. There is no as such study material which teaches … Read more

35+ Business Processes in SAP MM

SAP MM business processes list

Business Processes in SAP MM Here is the list of business processes in SAP MM. The list is subdivided into three parts: Purchase Here is the list of purchase related business processes in SAP MM: Normal Purchase Scenarios Special Purchase Scenarios Inventory Management Here is the list of inventory management related processes: Invoice processing List … Read more

SAP S4 HANA Interview Questions

SAP S4 HANA Interview questions

Here is the list of SAP S4 HANA interview questions. These SAP S4 HANA interview questions are designed to educate an SAP Consultant about basics of S4 HANA questions so that consultant can address queries raised by client and particiapte in internal organizational meetings. In any S4 HANA interview these questions can be asked. Sometimes … Read more

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