300+ Movement types in SAP MM

Movement types in SAP MM

Movement type in SAP MM

Movement types in SAP MM and movement type tables in SAP are most important feature to understand in inventory management. It involves SAP MM, SD, PP, PM and QM. It also has impact on FICO for accounts update. Let us understand the concept and details of features step by step. I hope you will like the information and bookmark this blog post.

Overview of movement types in SAP MM

All logistics modules in SAP use movement types. Movement types in SAP MM ensures the tracking of inward and outward movement of goods (or material) and also capture the purpose of that goods movement. It tells us:

  • whether material is moved inside or outside the warehouse
  • purpose of material movement (consumption or stock).
  • accounts updated in Finance (Debit/ Credit).
  • fields displayed on screen while entering material document in system

List of movement types in SAP MM

There are more than 300 goods movement types in SAP MM. These movement types are used in all logistics modules such as MM, SD, PP, PM, QM. All the inventory management related business process includes goods movement.

Change in stock is outcome of goods movement. This change can be incremental, reduction or transfer.

Movement types in SAP MM indicates the incoming and outgoing material movement with quantity and value (if applicable)

  • Each movement type has its own purpose
  • It is represented as a three digit alphanumeric key

101 movement type in SAP

101 movement type in SAP is most frequently used movement type in any enterprise:

  • Goods movement against a Purchase order
  • Quantity in unrestricted stock increases
  • Inventory account Debited and GR/IR Credited
  • Material can be moved to Quality stock if we have quality view activated with required settings in material master

102 movement type in SAP

It is Goods Receipt for PO reversal. Suppose there is an incorrect 101 movement is posted then 102 is used to reverse the posting.

103 movement type in SAP

103 movement type in SAP is used to show that material is received in the plant but you do not want to show it in stock.

  • GR against a Purchase Order
  • Quantity increases in GR blocked stock (not blocked stock)
  • No accounting document posted
  • Invoice can be posted after a 103 movement but the invoice will automatically be blocked for payment due to the qty variance
  • Not applicable for Stock Transport Order
  • 103 movement type in SAP is used to receive the material without taking ownership of material. Hence no liabilities created aganist the supplier

104 GR to blocked rev.

It is reversal of 103 movement type

105 GR from blocked stck

106 GR from blocked rev.

107 GR to Val. Bl. Stock

108 GR to Val.BlS Cancel

109 GR frm Val.Bl.Stock

110 GR fr Val.BlS Cancel

121 GR subseq. adjustm.

122 movement type in SAP

  • 122 movement type in SAP is used to return a material to vendor
  • Sometimes user try to post 102 movement to cancel the 101 movement but that is not recommended
  • 122 movement type allows to capture the reason of movement which is not possible in 102 cancellation
  • This reason of movement is helpful in reporting
  • 122 movement is posted aganist the material document created while posting 101 movement for the Purchase order or production order
  • The transaction used is Return delivery
  • Accounting document is also posted while posting 122 movement

123 RE rtrn vendor rev.

124 GR rtrn blocked stck

125 GR rtn blkd stck rev

131 Goods Receipt

132 Goods Receipt

141 GR G subseq. adjustm

142 GR G subseq. adjustm

161 movment type in SAP

  • 161 movement type in SAP is used to post vendor returns with reference to return PO
  • User has to create a return PO and set the return check box for the PO item
  • Delivery cost can be added to return PO which can change the valuation while updating accounts
  • using 161 movement type you cannot return to production department

162 GR rtrns reversal

167 GR Ret.frm Val.BlStk

168 GRRet fr ValBlS Rev.

169 GR Ret. to Val.BlStk

170 GR Ret to ValBlS Rev.

201 GI for cost center

202 RE for cost center

221 GI for project

222 RE for project

231 GI for sales order

232 RE for sales order

241 GI for asset

242 RE for asset

251 GI for sales

252 RE for sales

261 movement type in SAP

  • 261 movement type in SAP is used to post goods issue for an order
  • Order is the account assignment here
  • Order can be a PP/ PM/ CS/ Investment order
  • 261 movement type in SAP is posted with reference to a reservation in MIGO
  • It creates a material document and an accounting document
  • Material is withdrawal from unrestricted stock
  • You can use only automatically created reservation with 261 movement type in SAP
  • Manually created reservations are not allowed for 261 movement type when account assignment is a PP order, PM order or network
  • In Production and maintenance orders 261 movement type in SAP is used to post planned consumption of material.
  • Unplanned consumption can be posted while posting time confirmation in Fiori app perform maintenance job

262 movement type in SAP

  • Material in the warehouse which is issues with 261 movement type is returned with 262 movement type
  • If you want to return the material using the PP or PM order then simply go to Component tab and enter the material id and quantity in negative.
  • Negative quantity in order will allow posting of 262 movement type

281 GI for network

282 RE for network

291 GI all acc. assigmts

292 RE all acct assigmts

301 TF trfr plnt to plnt

302 TR trfr plnt to plnt

303 TF rem.fm stor.to pl

304 TR rem.fm stor.to pl

305 TF pl.in stor.in pl.

306 TR pl.in stor.in pl.

309 TF tfr ps.mat.to mat

310 TR tfr ps.mat.to mat

311 TF trfr within plant

312 TR transfer in plant

313 TF rem. fm str. to SLoc

314 TR rem. fm str.to SLoc

315 TF pl.in str.in SLoc

316 TR pl.in stor.in SLoc

317 Create struct. mat.

318 RE create struc. mat

319 Split structured mat

320 RE split struct. mat.

321 movement in SAP

  • Transfer material from Quality Inspection stock to unrestricted stock
  • Useful to transfer material which is moved to QI stock while posting 101 for a Purchase Order
  • Quality view in material master should be maintained for 321 movement type to work.
  • 321 movement type can be automatically posted when Usage decision is accepted for inspection lot of material in QA32.
  • It needs settings in material master under Quality view.
  • No accounting document posted

322 TR quality to unr.

323 TF quality in plant

324 TR quality in plant

325 TF blocked in plant

326 TR blocked in plant

331 GI to sampling QI

332 RE to sampling QI

333 GI to sampling unre.

334 RE to sampling unre.

335 GI to sampl. blocked

336 RE to sampling blkd

340 Batch revaluation

341 TF unrestr.to restr.

342 TF rstricted to unr.

343 TF blocked to unre.

344 TR blocked to unre.

349 TF blocked to QI

350 TR blocked to QI

351 TF to stck in trans.

352 TR to stck in trans.

401 TP own from sls.ord.

402 TP own to sales ord.

403 TP own from consgt.

404 TP own to consgt.

405 TP own from project

406 TP own to project

411 TF SLoc to SLoc

412 TR SLoc to SLoc

413 TF SLoc to sls order

414 TR SLoc to sls order

415 TF SLoc to project

416 TR SLoc to proj.

417 TF IssVlCST to IssPl

418 TFRt IsVlCST to IsPl

419 TF SLoc to SLoc

420 TR SLoc to SLoc

421 TF SLoc to SLoc

422 TR SLoc to SLoc

423 TF SLoc to SLoc

424 TR SLoc to SLoc

425 TF SLoc to SLoc

426 TR SLoc to SLoc

427 TF SLoc to SLoc

428 TR SLoc to SLoc

429 TF SLoc to SLoc

430 TR SLoc to SLoc

441 TP unrstr.to tiedEmp

442 TP tiedEmp.to unrstr

451 GI returns

452 RE returns reversal

453 TP returns to own

454 TP own to returns

455 TF st. trfr returns

456 TR st. trfr returns

457 TP Returns to own QI

458 TP Own QI to returns

459 TP Ret. to own blckd

460 TP Own blckd to ret.

501 Receipt w/o PO

502 RE receipt w/o PO

503 Receipt to QI

504 RE receipt to QI

505 Receipt to blocked

506 RE receipt to blockd

511 Delivery W/o Charge

512 RE deliv. w/o charge

521 Receipt w/o order

522 RE receipt w/o prOrd

523 Rcpt QI w/o prOrder

524 RE quality w/o prOrd

525 Rcpt blkd w/o pr.ord

526 RE blocked w/o PrOrd

531 Receipt by-product

532 RE by-product

533 GI by-product

534 RE by-product

535 GR by-prod. sls.ord.

536 GR by-prod. sls.ord.

541 GI whse to subc.stck

542 RE subctrStck toWhse

543 GI issue sls ord.st.

544 GI receipt sls or.st

545 Rcpt SC by-product

546 GI issue SC by-prod.

551 movement type in SAP MM

  • 551 movement type in SAP is used to declare a material in unrestricted stock as scrap
  • Material is issued from unrestricted stock
  • When business wants to show the $ value of rejected or damaged material in accounts they use 551 movement type
  • It creates an accounting document and updates the scrap GL account
  • 551 movement type does not update the moving average price in material master because the scrap has been removed from inventory and accounted in a separate GL account
  • Material is issued from warehouse in this movement and stock reduces
  • Be carefull while giving authorization of this movement type because there can be missuse of this movement to adjust inventory quantity to avoid cycle count

552 RE scrapping

553 movement type in SAP

  • 553 movement type in SAP is used to declar the quality stock as scrap
  • When a material is under quality inspection and found not upto the mark then the material may be declared as scrap
  • Generally quality department uses this movement type.

554 RE scrapping QI

555 movement type in SAP

  • 555 movement type in SAP is used to declar the blocked stock as scrap
  • When a material is rejected due to some reason then warehouse incharge can take decision to scrap it or return it
  • Sometime return to supplier cost is very high so it is better to declar it as scrap then 555 is used to declare blocked stock as scrap
  • Sometime a chemical lost its properties and becomes unusable over a period of time. The warehouse people put it into blocked stock. Lateron warehouse incharge declare it as scrap.

556 RE scrapping blocked

557 GI adjust. transit

558 GI adjust. transit

559 GI Adj. Val. Bl.Stk

560 RE Adj. Val. Bl.Stk

561 Initial stock entry

562 RE in.entry stk bals

563 Init. entrStBals: QI

564 RE EntrStBals: QI

565 In.EntrStBals: blckd

566 RE EntrStBals: blckd

571 Receipt assembly

572 RE receipt assembly

573 Rcpt QI assembly

574 RE rcpt QI assembly

575 Rcpt blckd assmbly

576 RE rcpt blkd assmbly

581 Rcpt by-prod network

582 RE by-prod. network

601 movement type in SAP

  • Goods issue for delivery to customer
  • Chiefly used in SD module
  • Triggered when user create outbound delivery and posts goods issue with reference to a Sales order.
  • Stock withdraw from warehouse.
  • Inventory account debited and Cost of Goods Sold account credited

602 RE goods deliv. rev.

It is reversal of 601 movement type

603 TF rem.fm stor.to pl

604 TR rem.fm stor.to pl

605 TF pl.in stor.in pl.

606 TR pl.in stor.in pl.

617 Cre. Str. Mat. Cons.

618 RE Cr. Str. Mat. Con

619 Rem. Str. Mat. Cons.

620 RE Rem. Str Mat Cons

621 GI ret.pack.:lending

622 GI ret.pack:ret.del.

623 GI iss:cust.ret.pack

624 GI rcpt:cust.re.pack

631 GI consgmt: lending

632 GI consgmt:ret.delvy

633 GI iss: cust.consgmt

634 GI rcpt:cust.consgmt

635 TF Consgmt Lending

636 TR consgmt ret. del.

641 TF to stck in trans.

642 TR to stck in trans.

643 TF to cross company

644 TR to cross company

645 TF cross company

646 TR cross company

647 TF to stck in trans.

648 TR to stck in trans.

651 GD ret.del. returns

652 GD ret.del. retn rev

653 GD returns unrestr.

654 GD returns unr. rev.

655 GD returns QI

656 GD returns QI rev.

657 GD returns blocked

658 GD returns blk. rev.

661 GI returns to vendor

662 RE ret. to vdr revrs

671 TR to stck in trans.

672 TF to stck in trans.

673 TR to cross company

674 TF to cross company

675 TR cross company

676 TF cross company

677 TR to stck in trans.

678 TF to stck in trans.

681 TF to Iss. Val. CST

682 TF Ret fr.Iss.Val.CST

683 TF to Rec. Val. CST

684 TF Ret.fr Iss.Val CST

685 TF fr Iss. Val. CST

686 TFRet to Iss Val.CST

687 GM Del to Iss Val SiT

688 RE fr Iss. Val. SiT

691 TF Ret fr.Iss.Val.CST

692 TF to Iss. Val. CST

693 TF Ret.fr Iss.Val CST

694 TF to Rec. Val. CST

695 TF Ret to Iss Val.CST

696 TF fr Iss. Val. CST

701 GR phys.inv.: whse

702 GI phys.inv.: whse

703 GR phys.inv: QI

704 GI phys.inv: QI

707 GR phys.inv.:blocked

708 GI phys.inv.:blocked

711 GI InvDiff.:whouse

712 GR InvDiff.:wrhouse

713 GI InvDiff: QI

714 GR InvDiff: QI

715 GI InvDiff.:returns

716 GR InvDiff.:returns

717 GI InvDiff.: blocked

718 GR InvDiff.: blocked

721 SlsVal.rec.n.afftMgs

722 SlsVal.iss.n.afftMgs

731 SlsVal.rec. afftgMgs

732 SlsVal.iss. afftgMgs

801 GR adv. inv. + tax

802 RGR ad. inv. + tax



805 GR bl. AI w. tax

806 RGR bl. AI w. tax

811 GR TP dely w. tax

812 RGR TP dely w tax

815 GR B TP dely w. tax

816 RGR B TP dely w. tax

821 GR val. VS w. tax

822 RGR val. VS w. tax

825 GR B val. VS w. tax

826 RGR B val. VS w. tax

833 Reval. iss. w. tax

834 R reval. iss. w tax

835 Reval. rec. w. tax

836 R reval. rec. w tax

841 GR RTP


843 GR RTP w. tax

844 RGR RTP w. tax



863 GI TF SD/MM return

864 GR TF SD/MM return

901 GI internal c.center

922 RE return to vendor

30A ST Remove to SC

30B SR Remove to SC

30C ST Put Away to SC

30D SR Put Away to SC

63A ST Consig. Borrow OA

63B ST Consig. Return OA

63C ST Consig. Borrow PA

63D ST Consig. Return PA

64A ST Transfer SC Order

64B SR Transfer SC Order

68A TF to Iss. Val. IST

68B TFRet fr Iss.Val.IST

68C TF to Rec. Val. IST

68D TFRet fr RecVal IST

68E TF fr Iss. Val. IST

68F TFRet to Iss.Val IST

68I TF fr Iss. Val. IST

68J TFRet to Iss.Val IST

69A TFRet fr Iss.Val.IST

69B TF to Iss. Val. IST

69C TFRet fr RecVal IST

69D TF to Rec. Val. IST

69E TFRet to Iss.Val IST

69F TF fr Iss. Val. IST

69I TFRet to Iss.Val IST

69J TF fr Iss. Val. IST

6A1 TF GI1

6A2 TR GI1





6A7 TF GI1

6A8 TR GI1

6B1 TF GI2

6B2 TR GI2





6B7 TF GI2

6B8 TR GI2

6K5 TF GI2 Consi

6K6 TR GI2 Consi

6W5 TF GI1 Consi

6W6 TR GI1 Consi

Movement type table in sap

Movement type table in sap

  1. T156 – Movement Type
  2. T156T – Movement type description table in SAP (Movement Type Text)
  3. T156A – Assignment of RP Account Posting Type to Movement Type
  4. T156B – Movement Types: Screen Selection
  5. T156C – Stock Types and Their Values
  6. T156F – Fields in Quantity String
  7. T156H – Help Texts for Movement Type (up to Rel. 2.0, then T157H)
  8. T156HT – Main Text for Movement Type
  9. T156K – Account Assignment Fields in Field Selection (up to 2.1)
  10. T156M – Posting String: Quantity
  11. T156N – Next Movement Type
  12. T156Q – Movement Type: Material-Independent Control
  13. T156S – Movement Type: Quantities/Value Posting (Until Rel. 4.5B)
  14. T156SC – Mvt Type: Qty/Value Posting: Customer Table; as of Rel. 4.6A
  15. T156SY – Mvt Type: Qty/Value Update: System Table; Rel. 4.6A
  16. T156V – Availability Table
  17. T156W – Posting string values
  18. T156X – Trans./Event Key Modification
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