Types of Maintenance Planning in SAP PM

What are different Types of Maintenance Planning in SAP PM?

There are basically three Types of Maintenance planning in SAP PM:

  1. Centralized Planning
  1. Localized Planning
  1. Partially localized or Partially Centralized Planning

Centralized Planning

Centralized Planning: In this type of maintenance plannig in SAP PM, all the maintenance plants are assigned with one planning plant.

Suppose an organization has a number of plants All the plants have the similar product. Also all the plants are physically located in the vicinity of each other. In such cases many organizations opt for a centralized maintenance planning. For ex: There are five Cement Plants located in the vicinity of each other. Plant and Machinery is similar in nature. Then we can think to have a Centralized Maintenance Planning. But it depends on type of equipment and types of maintenance work you are doing in the plant which decides the centralization.

Localized Planning

Localized Planning: In this type of maintenance planning in SAP PM, every maintenance plant has its own planning plant. There is a one to one relationship.

Suppose an Organization has number of plants at different locations across the country. These plants may have similar or different product, does not matter. In such cases it is better to have a Localized Maintenance Planning. The person who is working on the field will have a better idea of condition of plant and machinery then a person who is sitting in a corporate office. In such cases Localized planning is successful. However, there is no hard and fast rule, we can have localized maintenance planning even if all the plants are located in the vicinity of each other. That varies organization to organization. Mostly localized planning is opted by manufacturing units.

Partially Localized or Partially Centralized Planning

Suppose there five plants in an organization. For three plants they have central planning plant and for rest other two they have local planning. Such type of Maintenance Planning is known as Partially Centralized Maintenance Planning.

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